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DJ Services Offered

Treat your guests and orchestrate the perfect party with a seamless blend of music and commentary. I’ve helped wedding couples, party planners, schools and corporate hosts organize their activities and keep fun and excitement rolling throughout the evening.

I’ve helped mix soundtracks to weddings, private parties, corporate events and school dances since 1992. Each party is different, and I enjoy combining a unique mix of moods and genres to suit the needs of hosts and audiences. I work with party planners and couples to highlight the mood of each situation, whether you’re looking for a romantic, fun, festive or celebratory atmosphere. In addition to blending a perfect playlist, I help organize your ceremonies, dances and speeches with introductions and narrations to keep all the events flowing smoothly.

We can meet, and I’ll put together a diverse arrangement of songs, genres and moods for you and your guests. Contact me today to book DJ and master of ceremonies services for your event.

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